The Navy Bar

86% love it
Liverpool's "gay and gorgeous" bar
Trendy club with top DJs, stage, podiums and sexy bar staff. Essentially one big room with dancers on stage.


    • SR92
      SR92 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Disgraceful thugs
      Went in with my partner on the 28th. Club had just opened its doors only a few people in. I purchased two drinks and then requested a booth. Booth was priced at £110. This was really for a bottle of Grey Goose. The new owner has taken majority of the seating and changed them into booth that are costly. Trying to make it an uptown super club. The club is to small and people who go don't want to spend money like that so when club is packed they all end up sitting on steps by booth, which sooner or later will be a fire, safety risk. Within the space of half an hour Navy had £140 off me. I was rudely challenged by one young girl behind the bar so I complained. As a paying customer I shouldn't have to put up with that. The new owner or manager came out and said he would look into the matter. One employee followed my request to fill jug with lemonade. I walked back over to the booth. One security man stood next to booth. I kindly offered him a drink as a friendly gesture. These two thugs have seen me many times before. Distracted by the loud music I lent in towards his left side to speak to him. He aggressively attacked me. He grabbed both my side arms and marched me back through the club and down the stairs whilst. Uncalled for and dangerous. I continuously said I'm not doing anything get off me. Outside of the club he shouted to his other colleagues "she pulled my collar". This was a false accusation. I was then met with abuse by his other college. I informed them that they where an absolute disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves. I was met with "shut up and f**k off". These are the same abusive guards that shake my hand every time they see me. These two men seem to be on a power trip and give the job a bad name. The job entails you to protect the employees and the public. I was not aggressive and did not attack you. I wrote a similar message to the bar on Facebook in regards to my distress and the behavior shown towards myself, but they have removed the comment without a reply. I will no longer support this club and line the pockets of unprofessional scum.

    • AlecP
      AlecP Over a year ago
      Hates it

      arse holes on the door
      Two thugs working on the door just insulted my daughter and her friend . A TOTAL PRICK!

    • Kali_Kerosin
      Kali_Kerosin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great shots, awesome staff, good music, and a not so strategically placed stripper pole for your delight!