75% love it
Superclub with good mix of gay/straight
Liverpool's original gay superclub, now attracting a more mixed crowd. Still has a loyal gay following but expect a hedonistic combination of straight partygoers, over-dressed drag queens, go-go boys and everyone in between. Twinned with Garlands Ibiza and has an annual boat party on Liverpool's River Mersey.


    • jonathan79
      jonathan79 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This is NOT a gay bar
      I was utterly disappointed in Garlands--starting with the rude doorman and paying a tenner to get in. The club was literally 5% gay and 100% students. This should not be listed as a gay bar as it is teeming with teenagers who are not gay and are there to listen to house music. I really had high expectations with Garlands but was actually angry my entire visit there. If you want to be around straight children who want to hear house music, this is the place for you. If you are looking for a gay bar in the traditional sense, go across the street to G Bar-- was 95% gay and the music was fun and enjoyable and the clientele much more of what I expect in a gay bar. I am writing this review immediately upon return to my hotel because I was so disappointed in the experience I had at Garlands. What a waste of 10 quid.